Identity Theft and the Fix

As more and more institutions are hacked and personal information is harvested and sold, corporations are scrambling trying to figure out how to solve the data breaches that are growing larger by the day.

Identify theft has become a major concern for everyone, from financial institutions to those who use the handy-dandy debit card to purchase gas. Everyone is susceptible to identify theft. Even the OPM (Office of Personnel Management division of the U.S. government) was hacked, meaning the personal data of at least 18 million federal workers was compromised.

The IRS claims to have lost nearly $50 million resulting from data breaches of 100,000 taxpayers 2014 returns. Approximately 15 million Americans are victims of identity theft each year, resulting in upwards of $50 billion in financial losses. And who doesn't know someone whose credit card data has been compromised, and sold to someone in some other country for a dollar?

This is a major issue not only in the U.S, but other countries as well. Something will need to be done to ensure indentity theft isn't the tsunami that collapses the economies of the world. The question is ... what?

Plugging the Hole in the Dam

What will it take to fix this problem? The solutions that have been tried to date have not solved the problem. Even the government was not able to protect their personnel data.

Recently, MasterCard said it planned to let consumers pay for purchases with a selfie; a prototype biometric app that will scan the face or your fingerprints to verify your identity. But as has happened with all of the other "fixes", over time, this will prove to be as vulnerable as all the other fixes.

The Permanent (Temporary) Fix

MasterCard could be onto something with the biometric approach, as are other businesses; however, that is not going to fix the issue either. There is one thing though that could be a permanent fix, although only for a short few years ... the mark of the beast the Bible foretells of in the book of Revelation. How so you say?

The Mark

After the rapture, when the Great Tribulation begins, the Antichrist will rise to power and anyone who wants to buy or sell will have to have the mark either on their forehead or the back of their hand ... Rev 13: 16-17. And the mark will not be a chip, the Bible is very clear that the mark will be visible since it will be on the forehead or hand. Those who do not have this mark will not have pledged allegiance to the Antichrist, meaning they cannot buy and sell. And, what makes this even more interesting, even scary, if you don't have the mark, you will be killed ... if found. So, if you can't see the mark, you don't know who to kill, so as the Bible says ... either a mark on the forehead or the back of the hand.

This mark will put an end to identity theft, too. How so? Because, the mark is on you, probably a tattoo of sorts, so that it is visible and can be scanned. No one can steal a tattoo from you that's for sure. Just imagine standing in line at your local bakery and getting your forehead scanned to purchase your favorite donut.

Talk about power, the Antichrist will have it ... for seven years. During this time, the Antichrist will know where anyone is on the face of this earth ... if they have taken the mark. Identify theft will be a thing of the past under his rule. Our NSA would be envious.

The Real Solution

Finally, the real solution to solving identity theft ... the return of the Lord to put a stop to the chaos of the Last Days. For those who are alive during the tribulation and have not taken the mark, this is the Good News! You can read about it here ... Rev 19: 11-21.