GND Friends Links

Good News Dispatch wanted to take this opportunity to thank other sites who link to GND by providing links to their sites. Thanks to each and everyone of your for your support, and for helping to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ across the world!

There are also a couple of other sites listed below that GND has a lot of respect for due to the work they too are doing to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Based in Croatia, is a site designed to promote biblical Christian values, and has the primary intent to reveal clarity and force, the love of God towards the sinner, and that God's way of salvation is full of grace on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord. At Good News Dispatch, we get several visitors from and wanted to provide a link back for others in or near Croatia who may be looking for such a site.

Gospel for Afrikaans

For all of our African visitors, be sure and check out The goal of this site is presenting the Biblical gospel of the crosswork of Jesus Christ, repentance from sin. It also features some helpful questions to recognise if you are not basing your salvation on a false foundation. The site also includes some testimonies of people who were saved by grace.

Hebrew 4 Christians

If you're interested in learning more about your Jewish heritage as a Christian, you should check out Hebrew for Christians. After all, we do serve a Jewish Savior. Hebrew for Christians is an excellent site and contains a wealth of information and knowledge as it pertains to Jewish customs, understanding the Bible from a Jewish perspective, and learning how to read and write Hebrew.

Calvary Chapel Finland

With locations in Turku and Helsinki, you will find Calvary Chapel Finland. If you are looking for a church near Turku or Helsinki, check out Calvary Chapel Finland. A special thanks to Calvary Chapel Finland from Good News Dispatch for providing a link to GND. Several folks from the Finland area drop by and visit Good News Dispatch.

Christian Friends of Israel

Providing support and comfort to the people of Israel is the purpose of Christian Friends of Israel. In addition, CFI exists to inform Christians around the world of God's plan for Israel, the Church's responsibility towards the Jewish people, and make the Jewish people aware of our solidarity with them.

Eureka Rescue Mission

Located in Eureka, CA, the Eureka Rescue Mission is a Christian faith-based provider of services to the homeless and hungry, proclaiming the gospel of salvation to those in need of spiritual rebirth. The Mission accomplishes this by holding chapel services daily, feeding the hungry, and giving clothing and showers to those in need.

Firefighters for Christ

Firefighters for Christ is a ministry whose purpose is to distribute God's word in the form of personal testimonies and Bible study teaching tapes free of charge.