America's Wrong Turn

America is getting in more of a mess each and every day. Just recently, who out there has not heard of the bashing of the U.S. Flags, especially the southern Confederate flag, and how the Constitution is being trampled on. If you have listened to any media, cable news, talking heads, whatever, it is front and center ... at least until the next major controversy gets stirred up.

When you listen to all the banter, it is easy to see that we really are a nation divided, and getting more so as time goes. But why? Are we going crazy as nation? It would seem that way. And what's even worse, we are gearing up for a national election in 2016. Will that make things better, worse, or the status quo?

At GND, we are pretty sure things are not going to get any better, regardless of who is in office, what the Supreme Court does, or what any talking head tells you we need to do to head this country in the right direction. And no, we are not pessimists, just realists.

Here's how we view the debate on the Confederate Flag, the American Flag, and the beloved Constitution ... in case you're interested.

As with so many other things, its just something else to take our focus off what is really wrong with this country—moral decay and rot—and it just didn't start. This is something that has been slowly eroding the foundation of this country for decades.

What happened, what went wrong? We did—we the people of this country—we went wrong. We took a wrong turn!

Hopefully, this does not come as a surprise to you, but if so, let us explain. Let's start by taking a look at the Pledge of Allegiance, which says we will pledge allegiance to our flag. For those of you who have not heard of the Pledge of Allegiance, it is about our flag and this country. Here's a link where you can read the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, if you're interested.

You're probably thinking to yourself, pledging allegiance is the patriotic thing to do, if you care about this country. Maybe so, but let's continue on. What about our Constitution? Supposedly, it was written by godly men, which is a good thing, building in checks and balances for the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is a good thing too, if it works. Seems to have lost some of that pizzazz for now, doesn't it?

It is too bad that as a nation, we didn't pledge our allegiance to the Cross of Christ, rather we pledged allegiance to a flag. How beneficial has that turned out? The Constitution is a marvelous document written by godly men—we think—but it was not written by God Himself. Why do we look at the Constitution as a form of right and wrong, rather than the inspired Word of God? How beneficial has that turned out?

Let's look at the Confederate flag and the controversy that it has been stirring. Sure, the flag represents a time when men from the South gave their lives, lost limbs, and paid a dear price, fighting for what they believed in. They were willing to die for their beliefs. This is something to be proud of for sure, but do we need to keep the memory of that particular era still flying? How beneficial is it? Christ died for all of us, but we don't get too up in arms over that, do we? Well, maybe at Christmas and Easter.

You have to wonder if the flags and the constitution became forms of idol worship over the years, taking our eyes off the Lord God. It would certainly seem that way.

America has been a proud country, especially after winning WWII. It would seem as though we became an arrogant country during the prosperity of the 90s. And today, we are a nation divided, in a mess that no one can figure out, or is willing to stand up and say here's the problem.

Just as God was kicked out of Solomon's temple, we have kicked God out of our nation. He isn't in our "selfie". In both instances, false, idolatrous worship slowly took over. It did not end well for Israel, and it is certainly not ending well for the U.S.