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The Bible foretells the time of a revived Roman Empire ... Dan 2:38-43, a one world leader who will come on the scene to rule a one world government ... Rev 13:7 and a global economy ... Rev 13:16-17, apostasy of the church ... 2 Thess 2:3, the land of Israel will be divided ... Joel 3:2, a time when all nations turn against Israel and Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone to all the nations ... Zech 12:3. As we get closer to the end of this age, prior to the return of Christ to set up His 1000 year Kingdom, the focus will become more and more on the mid-East and in particular, Israel, God's chosen land and people. After all, the end times is called “the time of Jacob’s trouble” ... Jer 30:7.

When reading and listening to the headlines in today's news, it seems as if we may be seeing the start of some of the end time events which are foretold of. Although this may or may not be the case, it is interesting to read news articles in light of Biblical prophecy.

Current Headlines
Date News Article
11/22/10 Ancient Roman bathhouse discovered in Jerusalem
11/22/10 EU Backs Rescue Loan for Ireland
11/22/10 US Withholds Support for PA National Status
11/22/10 George Soros says Obama must go
11/22/10 US has no closer partner than Europe, says Obama
11/21/10 Tenn. Town Restores Bible Readings at Christmas celebration
11/20/10 U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Proposal Meets Firm Resistance
11/18/10 Billy Graham and His Last Crusade?
11/17/10 New Group to Protect, Restore Vandalized Mount of Olives
11/17/10 Fears of new food crisis as prices soar
11/17/10 Netanyahu says close to deal with U.S. on West Bank settlement freeze
11/17/10 Ashton finalising six more top appointments
11/17/10 George Soros Is Almost Ready To Give Up On Obama
11/17/10 U.S. Offers Additional F-35 Fighters to Israel
11/17/10 George Soros Touts China as Leader of New World Order
11/17/10 Soros's CAP gives Obama his marching orders to subvert the will of the people

EU in 'survival crisis' says Rompuy

11/16/10 Muslims Burn Christian Homes in Egypt over Romance Rumor
11/16/10 Is the American public about to toss Israel?
11/14/10 World economy needs 'profound reform': Pope
11/14/10 Herman van Rompuy: The man who wants to control your finances
11/13/10 British politician: ‘Israel is the root cause of terrorism'
11/12/10 Netanyahu Explains Israel's Economic Success
11/12/10 Haven currencies in demand after G20
11/12/10 QE2 may accelerate wane of U.S. dollar as world's reserve currency
11/11/10 Anti-Semitic themes found in mainstream British circles
11/11/10 Clinton Offers Netanyahu Security Pledge
11/11/10 Obama: Economy won't recover if US borrows money
11/10/10 Clinton warns Palestinians and Israelis against 'unilateral' Mideast steps
11/10/10 Obama sees 'enormous obstacles' to Middle East peace
11/09/10 Obama: We Must Embrace Globalism And The Emerging One World Economy
11/08/10 Obama endorsement of India, a bold foreign policy stroke
11/07/10 A New Social Capital for Europe
11/07/10 The Fed and the Debased “Imperial Dollar”: Inflation, Stagnation and Higher Interest Rates Ahead
11/07/10 Fayyad building framework for Palestinian statehood
11/06/10 Obama in Mumbai Calls India Market of the Future
11/06/10 Muslim Group Sues Okla. Over Sharia Ban
11/06/10 IMF Gives China More Voting Power
11/06/10 US discourages Palestinian statehood declaration
11/06/10 WWII mass grave of Jews found in Romania
11/05/10 Bernanke answers Fed's global critics
11/05/10 Obama dropped from top spot in global power ranking
11/05/10 Obama Begins Asian Economic Trip
11/05/10 China: QE2 exposes global monetary flaws
11/04/10 Israel ranked 15th in quality of life
11/03/10 Merkel deals blow to EU tax idea

  Archived Headlines

  October 2010

10/29/10 EU: Pope will Commit Vatican to Implementing Money-Laundering Rules
10/29/10 Report: Israel, U.S. discuss land lease
10/29/10 Eurozone jobless total rises above 10%
10/29/10 Israel may lease east Jerusalem from a Palestinian State
10/28/10 ISA: Hamas Turning Gaza into Islamic Sharia Law State
10/28/10 Introducing the new virtual world currency.
10/28/10 Portugal and Ireland inch closer to financial disaster
10/27/10 Iran urges UN to condemn Israel's 'nuclear weapons'
10/27/10 Rare earth minerals shortage feared by US and EU
10/27/10 Draft bill claims Jerusalem as a "Jewish priority" and "the eternal capital of Israel"
10/26/10 Global Currency Trading Will Grow to $10 Trillion a Day by 2020, UBS Says
10/25/10 EU's Ashton wants rapid reply from Iran on nuclear talks
10/25/10 US offers Pakistan two-billion-dollar military package
10/25/10 Israel developing plans for nuclear Iran
10/24/10 Israel Warns Palestinians Against Unilateral Steps for Statehood
10/24/10 Israelis, Palestinians eye US midterm elections
10/24/10 IMF predicts growth spurt for greater Middle East region
10/24/10 Israel plans possible security handover
10/24/10 New world curency index launched
10/24/10 Why Soros gave his $1.8 million NPR grant
10/23/10 Tenn. Schools Halt Prayers at Sporting Events, Graduation
10/23/10 French Senate passes controversial pension overhaul
10/23/10 Vatican Body asks UN to end Israeli Occupation
10/23/10 G-20 Pledges to Avoid Devaluations in Push to Defuse Global Trade Tensions
10/23/10 Iran to Pare Food, Gas Subsidies
10/22/10 George Soros' Buying the News Media
10/22/10 ‘Zero-Sum World’
10/22/10 Woman seeks 'Christian roommate,' state cites her for discrimination
10/22/10 Geithner calls for cap on trade surpluses
10/22/10 Who will recognize the Israeli nation?
10/22/10 CBS: ‘No Evidence’ of King David in Jerusalem
10/21/10 Chavez hopes to lead 'new world order'
10/21/10 The Return of Globalization
10/20/10 Tens of Thousands of Muslims Coming to Christ, Says Iranian Leader
10/20/10 'Conference on the future of the Jewish People’ opens in Jerusalem
10/20/10 Internet study finds worrying Palestinian trends
10/20/10 Is Jerusalem Sacred for Muslims?
10/19/10 New Edition of 'Operation World' Prayer Guide Officially Out
10/19/10 Ethanol Seen Driving Up Food Prices; Too Dependent On Government
10/19/10 EU's Rehn says G20 must rebalance world growth
10/19/10 Dead Sea scrolls going digital on Internet
10/19/10 What the elite of Europe debated in Bucharest
10/19/10 From Global Depression to Global Governance
10/18/10 Contract on new ID cards expected shortly
10/18/10 Atheism Becoming the New Religion, Evangelicals Warned
10/18/10 World powers have no option but talk with Iran: Ahmadinejad
10/18/10 Turkey to remove Iran from list of 'threatening nations'
10/18/10 The Number One U.S. Export To China: Waste Paper And Scrap Metal
10/17/10 Facebook Apps Transmitting, Selling Personally Identifying Information
10/17/10 Obama administration allows premium hikes for sick children
10/17/10 Ahmadinejad: Israel and its allies are all on their way to 'hell'
10/16/10 Palestinians may ask UN to recognize state in ’67 borders
10/16/10 Poverty in Israel decreased by as much as 29%, think tank reports
10/16/10 Israel signs $400 million deal with Russia
10/15/10 Palestinians: Netanyahu harming chance for peace by approving East Jerusalem construction
10/15/10 Iran to EU: Let's set date for nuclear talks
10/15/10 Iran To Head OPEC Next Year
10/15/10 Arabs states may ask UN to recognize Palestinian state
10/15/10 Van Rompuy grapples with economic governance details
10/14/10 Democracy is Destroying the U.S.
10/14/10 EU’s Rehn Says Currency Policies Magnifying Global Imbalances
10/14/10 Ahmadinejad: Iran is determined to achieve nuclear capability
10/13/10 New Global Financial Order
10/13/10 Ahmadinejad Calls for Israel's Destruction in Speech to Hezbollah
10/13/10 Palestinians open to recognizing Israel within '67 borders
10/13/10 Palestinians demand Israel present map of its borders
10/13/10 Fed prepares to unleash WMDs in currency war
10/13/10 US: We Support Israel as a Jewish State
10/12/10 Obama’s New Adviser Close to Israel
10/12/10 ‘US Jews’ approval of Obama falling steadily
10/11/10 Israeli FM to Europe: Mind your own business
10/11/10 Abbas Turns Down Calling Israel ‘Jewish’ in Return for Freeze
10/11/10 Three years (and a new economic world order) later
10/11/10 After setbacks, US tries to forge military ties with China
10/11/10 Spanish FM: Europe has Vital Role in Middle East
10/10/10 Dismissal of Moscow mayor reveals tensions in Russian ruling elite
10/10/10 IMF warns finance is vulnerable
10/10/10 Global clash over economy
10/10/10 Arabs give US 'one month to save peace talks'
10/10/10 Netanyahu tells cabinet: Democracy is the soul of Israel
10/10/10 Israel to approve citizenship bill
10/09/10 Preacher set to sue own church over anti-Israel policies
10/09/10 OECD warns Israel on Jerusalem claim
10/09/10 White House sanctions employers’ cut-rate health plans
10/09/10 Barron's: The Last Thing We Need is a Global Agreement on Currencies
10/09/10 Abbas may circumvent Israel, ask U.S. to recognize Palestinian state
10/08/10 Jerusalem ranked among top 10 cities in world
10/08/10 Global monetary policy coordination needed: EU's Rehn
10/08/10 The World's Most Destructive Currency Terrorist
10/08/10 Soros: China must fix the global currency crisis
10/08/10 Netanyahu Approves Forced Jewish State Allegiance Oath
10/07/10 A special report on the world economy - A better way
10/07/10 Russia to Refund Iran for Canceled Missile Deal
10/07/10 Abbas heads to Arab meet with backing to quit talks
10/07/10 India to buy 250-300 fighter jets from Russia
10/07/10 Growing ties between Turkey, China, Iran worry Israel and U.S.
10/07/10 Campbell's Soup Canadian division catering to Islam
10/06/10 China's Global Dominance in Green Jobs Growing
10/06/10 Ahmadinejad calls for new world order
10/06/10 Currency War? Why Countries Are Rushing to Devalue - CNBC
10/06/10 Geithner calls for currency cooperation
10/06/10 Global 'currency war' deepening
10/06/10 IMF Article Predicts New World Order
10/06/10 World Leaders To Discuss Averting Currency War
10/05/10 Iran's opposition head: Referendum on Ahmadinejad
10/05/10 Only global cooperation can thwart security threats, both old and new, Ban warns
10/05/10 For Netanyahu to accept new freeze, U.S. might have to sweeten the deal
10/05/10 Steps toward a two-class health system in Germany
10/05/10 Soros says Germany Threatens Europe with "Deflationary Spiral"
10/05/10 Germany Welcomes Islam
10/05/10 Soros: America needs stimulus not virtue
10/05/10 Egypt president warns of 'global terror' if Mideast peace talks fail
10/05/10 'Al-Aqsa' being built for Ahmadinejad
10/05/10 Who’s listening to the “bubble” warnings?
10/05/10 Chinese leader urges EU to give up more IMF power
10/04/10 Globalism Destroys America's Middle Class
10/04/10 Call for new global currencies deal
10/04/10 Netanyahu urges restraint on US 'freeze for promises' offer
10/04/10 Netanyahu agrees to extend settlement freeze by 2 months
10/04/10 Muslim Journalist: Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Israeli Sovereignty
10/04/10 Wall Street sees World Economy Decoupling from U.S.
10/04/10 We're In a Global Currency War ... But What Does It Mean?
10/03/10 Stronger Yuan May Not Mean More U.S. Jobs
10/03/10 U.S. envoy: Both Israel, Palestinians want to continue peace talks
10/03/10 Ahmadinejad calls for U.S. leaders to be 'buried'
10/02/10 Hamas leader: Israel as Jewish state is attack on refugees
10/01/10 Sarkozy jilts U.S. in vision of new world order
10/01/10 Netanyahu: 'We have a mission for peace'
10/01/10 US charges dozens in global cybercrime network
10/01/10 World's first 'cyber superweapon' attacks China
10/01/10 Scary Times for Currencies - WSJ

  September 2010

09/30/10 Japan and S Korea report output drop
09/30/10 2009 income gap in the US highest on record
09/30/10 Obama: Israelis in Jordan Valley even after Palestinian state
09/30/10 The Proof Is In The Numbers: America Is Getting Poorer
09/30/10 US backs Ashton mission to save Middle East talks
09/30/10 Seven Out Of 10 Business Leaders Globally Want Government Debt Reduced By Cuts In Public Spending
09/30/10 Shari’ah Compliance in America
09/28/10 China Edges Closer to Becoming Currency King
09/28/10 Ahmadinejad to throw rocks at Israeli border
09/28/10 Biometric ID Technologies Inherently Fallible
09/28/10 Big Brother Obama: US to spy on Internet messaging
09/27/10 European economy falters as divisions mount
09/27/10 US Senate Backs Netanyahu, Asks Obama to Pressure Abbas
09/27/10 Sarkozy Tries to Take Over for Obama in Mideast Talks
09/27/10 Arabs riot in Jerusalem
09/27/10 Computer virus infects Iran nuclear officials' PCs
09/27/10 A New World Economy Ruled by Christ
09/27/10 Jew Arrested on Temple Mount for What Appeared to be Praying
09/26/10 Global prayer day for Jerusalem set for October 3
09/26/10 U.S. set to be a posse of one on China yuan at G20
09/26/10 EU needs more effective economic governance
09/25/10 Why QE2 + QE Lite Mean The Fed Will Purchase Almost $3 Trillion In Treasurys And Set The Stage For The Monetary Endgame
09/25/10 A late-blooming romance between Castro and Israel?
09/25/10 The dilemma of global currency realignment
09/24/10 Towards a new era of currency intervention
09/24/10 Hamas official slams Obama's UN speech on Jewish state
09/24/10 Israel Says U.S.-Led Settlement Compromise Possible to Sustain Peace Talks
09/24/10 Downright disgraceful: Iranian spews anti-Semitic swill as craven UN hears him out
09/23/10 UN: Delegates Walk Out as Ahmadinejad Hints US Gov't Behind 9/11
09/23/10 Bill Clinton Causes Anger with Slam of Russian Israelis
09/23/10 Iran criticizes Russia's decision not to to supply missiles
09/23/10 Obama to warn Israel, Palestinians of alternatives to Mideast peace
09/23/10 Netanyahu upset by Clinton's comments about Israeli Russians
09/23/10 Bill Clinton: “Russian Israelis” key obstacle to peace
09/22/10 Merkel honored for committment to Jews and Israel
09/22/10 Van Rompuy defends economic taskforce against critics
09/22/10 At UN, Ahmadinejad, says Israel and United States is not a threat
09/22/10 Obama and Netanyahu Run Out the Atomic Clock
09/21/10 A Conversation With George Soros
09/21/10 Ahmadinejad admits sanctions aren't working, keeps pushing for New World Order
09/21/10 Al Qaeda targeting young web users: Interpol
09/21/10 Outsourcing to India goes beyond tech support
09/21/10 Ban: UN millennium goals can be met
09/20/10 Peres: Ahmadinejad ‘a living declaration against the UN'
09/20/10 Hamas: We agreed in the past to state within '67 borders
09/20/10 Soros’s Anti-Human-Rights Agenda
09/20/10 Overhaul in Israel's Bible education
09/19/10 Ahmadinejad makes sixth visit to the UN
09/19/10 Israel bids to end global oil dependency by 2020
09/19/10 Israelis, Palestinians tackle issues on football field
09/17/10 Feathers fly in Israel over sacrificial chickens
09/17/10 Cybercrime is world's most dangerous criminal threat
09/16/10 National interests collide in the new world disorder
09/16/10 U.S. presses China on currency
09/16/10 Ashton designates six new 'strategic partners'
09/16/10 At U.N. Obama Promotes Human Wrongs Against Israel Instead of Human Rights
09/16/10 US adds 4.8 million more to ranks of the poor as poverty rate jumps
09/16/10 The Shariah Threat to America
09/16/10 The Emerging Global Fed
09/15/10 Greenspan Warns of “Very Grave Trouble If We Don’t Bring The Deficit Down.”
09/15/10 China Now Runs the World, Soros Says
09/15/10 China Imports Pharmaceutical Professionals
09/15/10 Clinton: 'This is the time, and these are the leaders'
09/15/10 The EU demands recognition as a state by the United Nations
09/15/10 Two rockets, nine mortars fired into southern Israel from Gaza
09/15/10 PA: Jewish Worship 'Sin and Filth' at Western Wall
09/15/10 Van Rompuy accused of power grab over EU foreign policy
09/15/10 Waking up to a World Currency
09/14/10 King Herod's royal theater box uncovered at Herodium
09/14/10 Middle East peace talks: key issues between Israel and Palestinians
09/14/10 Americans' support for Israel up following restart of talks
09/13/10 After a Year of Setbacks, U.N. Looks to Take Charge of World's Agenda
09/13/10 Referendum for Islam Puts Turkey and Syria Back on ‘Peace Table’
09/13/10 Nations search for a new world order
09/13/10 Netanyahu Claims Nation Agrees to PA State
09/13/10 Javier Solana: The interdependence of countries is inescapable
09/13/10 Obama-Sponsor Gives $100M to Anti-Israeli 'Human Rights Watch'
09/13/10 Ashton pursues closer links with China as EU reassesses global ties
09/12/10 Israel supplies Russia with more drones
09/12/10 Mideast Peace Talks Face New Obstacles
09/12/10 Rocket from Gaza hits southern Israel
09/12/10 Netanyahu: PA recognition of Israel as Jewish state is 'basis for Middle East peace'
09/12/10 Turkey losing patience with EU
09/12/10 Obama Sidesteps PA’s Refusal to Call Israel’ A Jewish State’
09/11/10 Obama: Mideast talks may focus first on border
09/11/10 Mideast Analysts Say Obama Has Time on His Side in Mideast Peace Process
09/11/10 'Turkey more influential globally than any of our members'
09/10/10 A Weakened Russia Seeks European Ties
09/10/10 George Soros’ $45 million campaign to end democratic judicial elections in America
09/09/10 PA turns down request to recognize Israel as a Jewish state
09/09/10 Iranian FM: Israel behind planned Koran burning
09/09/10 Ahmadinejad to visit Lebanon's border with Israel
09/09/10 Clinton declares 'new moment' in U.S. foreign policy in speech
09/08/10 Hillary Clinton: United Nations is ‘Single Most Important Global Institution’
09/08/10 Castro to Ahmadinejad: Stop denying the Holocaust
09/08/10 Russia and Israel sign historic agreement
09/08/10 China goes beyond Pak, will build rail line to Iran
09/07/10 Abbas: 'I don't have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state'
09/07/10 China to Play Major Role in Foreign Direct Investment, Deloitte's CEO Says
09/06/10 Russia, Israel sign military cooperation pact
09/06/10 Putin hints of return as president
09/06/10 Egypt concerned over defining Israel as Jewish state
09/06/10 Europe, U.S. growth to stay weak: IMF's Blanchard
09/06/10 Happy Rosh Hashanah: Israel's population reaches 7.6 million
09/06/10 Hit on Iran would spell Israel's 'eradication': Ahmadinejad
09/06/10 Netanyahu seeks 'new solutions' to Palestinian conflict
09/06/10 Report: Iran Paying Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops
09/06/10 Israeli Economy to Grow 4.1% in 2010 as Exports Increase
09/06/10 The United States' Identity Crisis
09/05/10 US has Big Plans: Peace Talks between Israel, Lebanon, Syria
09/05/10 PA Furious Over Ahmadinejad's Criticism
09/05/10 Hamas may accept a peace agreement with Israel
09/05/10 Jewish Agency: Aliya increases for second year running
09/05/10 Muslim protesters take to the streets to commemorate Jerusalem Day
09/05/10 Anti-Semitic New York Vandals Learn About Rosh HaShanah
09/05/10 Egyptian TV: 'Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West'
09/05/10 Clinton Sidesteps Her ‘United Jerusalem' Pledge
09/04/10 US military chief seeks Turkish support over Iran
09/04/10 From North Korea, Word of Shortages, Grudges
09/03/10 Abbas, Netanyahu vow to meet every two weeks for peace
09/03/10 Jerusalem Day paves the way for Israel's collapse
09/03/10 Ahmadinejad says Abbas 'has no right to cede parts of Palestine'
09/03/10 Fears grow over global food supply
09/03/10 NY Demo: 'Peace, Peace, but There Is No Peace'
09/03/10 Bilderberg Mourns: Nationalism Gaining
09/02/10 Top 5 issues on the table for Israeli-Palestinian talks
09/02/10 France: Socialist Party leaders call for increased state repression of youth and workers
09/01/10 A Moment of Opportunity that Must be Seized
09/01/10 Netanyahu: Israel committed to 'secure and durable' peace
09/10/10 US to Turkey: No military exercise unless Israel there too
09/10/10 Israel Moves Forward on F-35 – with Israeli Features
09/01/10 PA carries out 'one of largest arrest waves of all time' in West Bank after deadly shooting attack
09/01/10 Israel ready to cede parts of Jerusalem in peace deal
09/01/10 Mitchell: Israel-Palestinian peace deal before end of 2010
09/01/10 Jewish teacher suspended in France for teaching 'too much' about Holocaust

  August 2010

08/31/10 Israeli UN Ambassador Gabriela Shalev: Two-State Solution Will Succeed
08/31/10 Death By Globalism: Economists haven’t a Clue
08/32/10 Palestinians won't accept state of "left-overs": PM
08/31/10 The 'Citizen of the World' vs. America
08/31/10 Covering up for George Soros
08/30/10 US may give Israel arms in exchange for concessions
08/30/10 Trilateral Commission Keeps Expanding
08/29/10 Iran to make long-range artillery ammo
08/29/10 Danger: Third Quake in Six Weeks in Nuclear Iran
08/29/10 Turkey: We're waiting for Netanyahu
08/29/10 Israel: Potential of 3 Billion Barrels of Oil Offshore
08/28/10 Netanyahu offers natural gas to Greece
08/28/10 EU will not participate in peace talks
08/27/10 Our World: Accepting the unacceptable
08/27/10 Reinhart's Seven More Years of High Unemployment Hit Fed Today
08/27/10 U.S. lays out Mideast peace plan
08/27/10 'Israel ready to destroy LAF in 4 hours'
08/27/10 Israel's Netanyahu Wants Talks with Abbas Every 2 Weeks
08/27/10 Israelis, Palestinians Hold Little Hope for Direct Talks
08/26/10 Iran to Russia: Let's establish a nuclear consortium
08/26/10 Iran looks to boost gasoline production
08/26/10 Israel rebukes Ashton for voicing 'concern' on military trial
08/26/10 Palestinians to U.S.: Israeli settlement freeze must include East Jerusalem
08/25/10 Iran reports successful test-fire of upgraded missile
08/25/10 Ireland angered by S&P downgrade
08/25/10 'Obama Backlash: Economics Overshadows Israel'
08/25/10 German business morale hits 3-yr high
08/25/10 Old boys club dominates EU diplomacy
08/25/10 Top U.S. negotiators in Israel to sooth tensions ahead of Washington peace talks
08/25/10 Egypt to Buy Back Gas from Israel
08/24/10 Iranian general: Teheran should hit enemy outside ME
08/24/10 93-year-old Holocaust Survivor Immigrates to Israel
08/24/10 UN Presses Israel on Nuclear Program
08/24/10 ‘Direct Talks’ Scheduled for a Total of One Day
08/24/10 Ashton set to take new office in EU nerve centre
08/23/10 Hamas: Palestinians will gain nothing from direct peace talks with Israel
08/22/10 Ahmadinejad promises 'global' response if Iran is attacked
08/22/10 Iran's Ahmadinejad unveils bomber drone
08/22/10 Palestinians will leave peace talks over freeze
08/21/10 Ahmadinejad: Israel 'too weak face up to Iran'
08/21/10 Netanyahu Calls Peace With Palestinians Difficult, But Possible
08/21/10 Who speaks for the European Union?
08/21/10 Iran's Bushehr plant to produce nuclear power in weeks
08/19/10 Israel's Netanyahu welcomes U.S. peace talks invite
08/19/10 EU foreign policy chief misses UN meeting over speaking rights
08/19/10 More Americans are Seeing Obama as Muslim
08/19/10 Muslims try to turn Jerusalem cemetery demolition into international incident
08/18/10 Why Obama Is Meeting EU Leaders in Portugal
08/18/10 UN official: Israel should extend freeze
08/18/10 Israeli Purchase of Fighter Jets Seen as Litmus Test for Continued US Support
08/16/10 Israel to buy world's most advanced warplane
08/16/10 Obama Warns Turkey over Israel
08/16/10 Israel: No Preconditions For Talks with PA
08/15/10 US and Israel Increase Military Cooperation
08/14/10 Obama, Karzai Agree to Keep Pressure on Taliban
08/14/10 Obama Supports Building Mosque Near Scene Of 9/11 Attack
08/13/10 Russia says to load fuel in Iran reactor on Aug. 21
08/13/10 Austerity hits Greek economy harder than forecast
08/13/10 Obama and Merkel: Unwanted at Home
08/12/10 Iran to give Hizbullah Weapons
08/12/10 Russia And India Hold Joint Military Exercises
08/12/10 Netanyahu rejects peace talks based on 1967 borders
08/11/10 Netanyahu wishes Muslims 'easy' month of fasting
08/11/10 Israel Finds Rare 2,200-Year-Old Gold Coin
08/10/10 Are We Ready To Coin A New Global Reserve Currency?
08/10/10 Iran digs mass graves for US troops
08/10/10 Signs of movement in Middle East peace talks
08/10/10 'Anti-Semitism is worse in 2010 than 1910'
08/10/10 Arabs Have Negative View of United States
08/09/10 Why Germany closed mosque where 9/11 plotters met
08/09/10 Soros steps up his war against American energy independence
08/08/10 U.S. travel advisory angers Israel
08/08/10 Netanyahu Cited for Agreeing to Give 'Land for Talks'
08/08/10 A World Federal Government
08/07/10 Obama welcomes Iran sanctions, offers path to talks
08/07/10 US jobless claims, bankruptcies rise
08/07/10 Ahmadinejad questions 9/11 deaths
08/07/10 All-female relief ship headed to Israel
08/06/10 The New Push for a Global Currency
08/06/10 New poll: angry at US, Arabs support an Iran nuclear bomb
08/06/10 Russian drought: When wheat withers, the world squirms
08/06/10 Poland growing in stature on EU stage, new president says
08/04/10 Ahmadinejad Says Israel Has Hired People to Assassinate Him
08/04/10 N.Korea warns of retaliation for S.Korea exercise
08/04/10 State Of Israel And US Sign Upper-Tier Missile Defense Agreement
08/04/10 Ahmadinejad Escapes Assassination Attempt; Suspect Arrested
08/03/10 In Saudi Arabia, a landmark welcome of a Christian scholar
08/03/10 Is Europe building Big Brother?
08/02/10 Ahmadinejad challenges Obama to TV debate on solving world's problems
08/02/10 Rockets Strike Southern Jordan, Israel
08/10/10 China Stocks to Outperform World Markets
08/01/10 Netanyahu believes direct talks will start in two weeks
08/01/10 Islamic Jihad said 'will resume suicide attacks against Israel'
08/01/10 Israel Demands UN Condemn Rocket Attacks
08/01/10 Peres and Mubarak: Israel and Palestinians mustn't miss chance for direct talks
08/01/10 Global Database Being Developed for Use in Disasters

  July 2010

07/31/10 'Astonishing' growth of religion in China
07/31/10 Israel, Jordan leaders discuss Mideast peace talks
07/31/10 Robert Fisk: Israel has crept into the EU without anyone noticing
07/30/10 China opposes new EU sanctions on Iran
07/30/10 Gaza rocket strikes Ashkelon, two mortar shells hit west Negev
07/29/10 EU promises to support PA if agrees to direct negotiations
07/29/10 Obama Warns Abbas: ‘Start Talks or Else’
07/29/10 UN Presses for Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks
07/28/10 EU's Ashton: Gaza 'needs lasting solution'
07/28/10 EU population over half-a-billion
07/28/10 Congress ratifies Obama escalation of Afghanistan war
07/28/10 American Israeli Action Coalition (AIAC) kicked-off of its “Get out the Vote” campaign among Americans living in Israel
07/28/10 'Anti-Islamic' bus ads appear in major cities
07/28/10 China at risk of bad loans, warns IMF
07/28/10 U.K. Backs Turkish EU Candidacy
07/28/10 Iran: U.S. will likely attack 2 Mideast countries within 3 months
07/27/10 Gallup Poll Suggests: ‘Move to Israel and Be Happy’
07/27/10 Ahmadinejad: US, 'Zionists' to start new Mideast wars
07/26/10 Israel applauds Europe on Iran sanctions
07/26/10 The Continuing Crisis in the New World Financial Order
07/26/10 Christians Remain A Small Minority In China
07/26/10 Iran warns EU against imposing sanctions
07/25/10 Peres challenges Ahamadinejad to view death camp
07/25/10 US Insists 'No Change in PA Status' Despite Flag Waving
07/25/10 Israel Museum Display Dilutes Jewish Connection with Jerusalem
07/25/10 Obama Names Medicaid Chief Who Backs Anti-Israel Doctors
07/24/10 Russia, Italy Urge Resumption Of Direct Mideast Talks
07/23/10 Ahmadinejad lashes out at Russia
07/23/10 US business urges Pelosi to not push China bill
07/23/10 Iran, Turkey sign 1 bln euro gas pipeline deal
07/23/10 Greece, Israel to Tighten Ties After PM's Visit
07/23/10 Vatican puts its euro coins into circulation
07/22/10 Ban urges Israeli and Palestinian leaders to take ‘bold steps’ towards peace
07/22/10 Israel set to deploy rocket defense system
07/22/10 Ga. School Forces Christian Student to Alter Beliefs to Graduate
07/22/10 Why the Clash of Civilizations Won't Go Away
07/21/10 U.S. Official: Final status issues to be discussed only in direct Mideast peace talks
07/21/10 PA leader confirms US pressuring him for direct talks
07/19/10 Hillary Clinton lures Pakistan with $500m new aid package
07/19/10 Digital Angel Meets Growing EU Demand for Electronic ID Tags
07/19/10 George Soros Calls for More Stimulus Spending
07/19/10 Ashton calls on Israel to open border crossings to Gaza
07/18/10 Clinton in Pakistan on Key Mission
07/17/10 U.S. Atheists Reportedly Using Hair Dryers to 'De-Baptize'
07/17/10 PA Says No to Obama Envoy on Direct Talks
07/17/10 Palestinians Seek 'Clarity' from US in Peace Talks
07/16/10 Jerusalem voted 'best city' in Africa, Middle East
07/16/10 Ashton eyes October for decision on top jobs
07/15/10 Russia promises Iran fuel despite sanctions
07/15/10 Doubts about US growth hit dollar
07/15/10 Clinton vows to fight anti-Semitism
07/15/10 Israeli Firm Develops 'Stealth Paint' for Aircraft
07/15/10 China on Track to Be World's Second Largest Economy
07/15/10 EU reaches out for new powers at United Nations
07/14/10 Netanyahu to Testify in Flotilla Clash Probe
07/14/10 Israel Faces Gaza Standoff as Libyan Ship Challenges Blockade
07/14/10 China postures for the New World Order
07/13/10 Oldest Known Document Uncovered in Jerusalem
07/13/10 Israel Demolishes Palestinian Buildings in East Jerusalem
07/13/10 Estonia to Switch to Euro at Current Target Rate, EU Says
07/13/10 Israel Navy contacts Libyan ship
07/12/10 China's Rating Agency Grades USA Only With AA
07/12/10 Jews, Arabs Work Together to Save Hevron's Olive Trees
07/12/10 Jerusalem voted best city in Africa and Middle East
07/12/10 Jerusalem's Most Ancient Letter Revealed
07/12/10 Netanyahu Pushes the U.S. to Make War on Iran: Will Obama Say No?
07/12/10 Shipping Our Economy, Our Jobs And Our Prosperity To China
07/11/10 Israel's status worst since 70s
07/10/10 Sending Hizbullah a message: Israel is ready
07/10/10 Obama turns a corner on Middle East peace
07/10/10 Obama promises to ‘exert all efforts for Palestinian state’
07/09/10 Netanyahu: Peace plan possible by end of '11
07/08/10 Ahmadinejad questions 'fairy tale' Holocaust, denies being anti-Semite
07/08/10 Netanyahu hints at flexibility on Jerusalem
07/07/10 ‘Up, Up and Away’ for North American Jews
07/07/10 UN Contradicts Itself in Blaming Israel
07/07/10 BP oil spill detergent could pose risk for EU coastlines
07/07/10 Obama Tells Netanyahu He Is 'Ready' to Visit Israel
07/06/10 UN Steps Up Attack On Dollar, Calls for World Currency
07/06/10 US-Israel ties: Why Obama wants more from Netanyahu
07/06/10 George Soros: We Have Just Entered Act II of Crisis
07/05/10 Obama-Linked PR Firm Runs Anti-Israel Campaign
07/05/10 Sarkozy under fire for fancy new plane
07/05/10 Obama administration is “weak” to ensure Middle East peace process
07/05/10 Wen warns of economic difficulties
07/05/10 Muslims asked to vacation in Turkey after Israeli boycott
07/04/10 Time is running out for creating US jobs
07/04/10 Israel's Netanyahu Announces Strategy for White House Summit
07/04/10 Who “Lost” Turkey?
07/03/10 Ahmadinejad: New sanctions 'pathetic'
07/03/10 Israel Bars Palestinian Cleric From Entering Jerusalem Mosque
07/03/10 'Saudi king says Israel, Iran don't deserve to exist'
07/02/10 George Soros On PBS:
07/02/10 The Alliance of Civilizations for Sustainable Peace
07/02/10 Van Rompuy readies ‘smart sanctions’ to restore euro confidence
07/01/10 Obama says new U.S. sanctions on Iran toughest ever
07/01/10 U.N. committee calls for dumping the U.S. dollar
07/01/10 Aid to Gaza Flows Despite Rocket Attacks on Israel
07/01/10 Israel, Turkey hold secret meeting in Europe
07/01/10 China's economy moving in 'expected direction': Wen

  June 2010

06/30/10 Kantor: Situation of European Jews worst ‘since end of WWII’
06/30/10 Van Rompuy: Euro Sound,But Lack Of Coherence Within Zone
06/30/10 EU Says Israel East Jerusalem Housing Plan Illegal
06/30/10 Farrakhan: Jews are blacks' worst enemy
06/30/10 Spain ends 'invisible' EU presidency under post-Lisbon rules
06/30/10 Sale of F-15s, PA State and Taliban Divide Obama and Saudi King
06/29/10 Google Seeks Compromise with China
06/29/10 Dollar should be replaced as international standard, U.N. report says
06/29/10 Obama, Saudi King discuss 2-state Mideast solution
06/29/10 Israel FM says no chance of Palestinian state by 2012
06/29/10 Obama challenges China on G20 stage
06/29/10 Palestinians seek new partner: US Jews
06/28/10 George Soros Talks Obama’s Book in Threat to Euro
06/28/10 Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Resume Nuclear Talks in August
06/28/10 Israel-U. S. ties drifting apart, diplomat says
06/28/10 US businesses intend to hang on to cash
06/27/10 Internet censorship alive and well in Turkey; YouTube, some Google sites blocked
06/27/10 Ashton to take command of US-type situation room
06/27/10 Obama's New World Order
06/27/10 Sen. Kerry in Israel: Praise for Israel, Worried over Iran
06/27/10 Euro Fall -- The End of the Euro Zone?
06/27/10 Planning committee to release blueprint outlining takeover of East Jerusalem
06/27/10 Obama Internet kill switch plan approved by US Senate
06/27/10 White House Preparing National Online ID Plan
06/26/10 US: Turkey must show commitment to West
06/25/10 Google to be monitored for anti-Islamic content by Pakistan
06/25/10 Machines that understand us on the rise
06/25/10 Strong majority rate Israel ‘important’ to U.S. interest
06/24/10 17 kg of 20 pct enriched uranium ready: Iran
06/24/10 Senate bill would authorize US president to seize control of Internet
06/24/10 Medvedev Woos High-Tech US Firms
06/23/10 Bush blasts N.Korea's Kim for wasting resources
06/23/10 France Hands Over Night Vision And Comms Technology To Russia
06/23/10 Russia To Buy 10 Billion Euros In Foreign Arms By 2016
06/23/10 Soros Says Germany Could Cause Euro Collapse
06/23/10 Israel to spy on Iran with new satellite
06/22/10 America, 2010: Christians hauled to jail for preaching Jesus
06/22/10 Obama Aims to Build Economic Ties With Russia
06/21/10 Iran slams US, insisting its missiles are defensive
06/21/10 Turkey 'freezes arms deals with Israel'
06/21/10 Obama celebrates jobless “recovery”
06/21/10 Pope Calls For “World Political Authority”
06/21/10 Report: Rahm Emanuel to Step Down
06/21/10 Obama and Netanyahu to meet July 6
06/21/10 Russian President Shows “New World Currency” At G-8 Summit
06/20/10 Anti-semitism on the rise in Venezuela
06/20/10 I asked Helen Thomas about Israel. Her answer revealed more than you think.
06/20/10 Peres Calls on Jews to Pray for Israel and ‘Come Home’
06/20/10 China Signals End to Yuan’s Peg to Dollar Before G-20 Summit
06/19/10 China vows increased currency flexibility
06/18/10 Obama prods G20 on currency, financial reform-letter
06/18/10 Oil spill: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fears BP's 'annihilation'
06/18/10 Iran could fire 'hundreds' of missiles at Europe: Gates
06/18/10 Russia to Help Found ‘New World Economic Order,’ Medvedev Says
06/18/10 China warns G20 not to raise currency issue
06/17/10 As US and EU slap on more Iran sanctions, Russia is miffed
06/17/10 Ahmadinejad accuses Obama of meddling in Iran
06/17/10 Ex-Spain PM: If Israel goes down, we all go down
06/17/10 Israel to Ease Gaza Blockade
06/17/10 MEPs duck Ashton meeting on diplomatic service
06/16/10 Oslo Forum snubs Israelis
06/16/10 Eyeing Iran, Saudis upgrade F-15 fleet
06/16/10 Is the West losing Turkey?
06/16/10 Interpol Announces New High Tech Credential Tool
06/16/10 Ahmadinejad: Iran Willing to Talk if Conditions Are Met
06/16/10 EU denies planning Spain credit line with IMF, U.S.
06/15/10 Congress calls on Obama to challenge Turkey on ties with Iran, Hamas
06/15/10 Israelis: U.S. Jews Should Fight Obama on Israel
06/15/10 Abbas calls for Hamas reconciliation
06/15/10 Obama plan for BP payments is far below cost of Gulf disaster
06/15/10 Hamas TV forced to halt broadcasts to Europe
06/15/10 Shin Bet Chief: Hamas buying land within Jerusalem
06/15/10 Soros: Financial crisis has 'just entered Act II'
06/14/10 Dutch say They Could Speed Gulf Oil Recovery with US Permission
06/14/10 EU ministers: 'End Gaza blockade'
06/14/10 Netanyahu says Israel will face "dark days ahead"
06/14/10 National Geographic Accused of anti-Israel Bias
06/14/10 Naked CDS Trading Should Be Banned, EU Lawmakers Say in Report
06/14/10 EU instrument for spying on 'radicals' causes outrage
06/13/10 EU's Van Rompuy says strong euro masked problems
06/13/10 Israel yet to divest from Iran
06/13/10 White House backs Israeli internal inquiry into Gaza flotilla deaths
06/13/10 Ahmadinejad: Israel, U.S. trying to sabotage Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia
06/12/10 BP and government authorities collude to suppress reality of oil spill
06/12/10 Obama defends Israel as tactical shift prepared on Gaza blockade
06/11/10 Banks set new store on building gold vaults
06/11/10 Van Rompuy planning 'foreign policy' summit
06/11/10 Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week
06/11/10 Surging costs hit food security in poorer nations
06/11/10 Obama urges Israel to end Palestinian 'siege'
06/11/10 Ahmadinejad visits Shanghai Expo as nuclear row strains ties
06/11/10 Ahmadinejad says Israel is 'doomed'
06/10/10 Mass Web attack hits Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post
06/10/10 BP oil spill: shares plummet as US warns it will 'take action' to stop dividend
06/10/10 No agreement without a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem: Mahmoud Abbas
06/09/10 Sarkozy, Merkel Urge Faster EU Curbs on Speculation
06/09/10 Israel eases Gaza embargo, allows snack food in
06/09/10 Obama to Offer More Aid to Gaza Despite Benefits for Hamas
06/09/10 Congress shows Israel support
06/08/10 Netanyahu, Obama to meet at end of June
06/08/10 Obama: Thomas remarks 'offensive'
06/08/10 Obama Official: Netanyahu Waiting for ‘President Palin’
06/08/10 Teaching PA Arab Children to Sing Anti-Israel Hate Songs
06/08/10 As China’s Wages Rise, Export Prices Could Follow
06/07/10 Egypt to Open Gaza Border Indefinitely
06/07/10 Netanyahu calls for Israel to unite
06/07/10 Clinton warns of likely Iranian 'stunt' ahead of UN sanctions vote
06/07/10 Ahead of sanctions, Ahmadinejad to visit China
06/07/10 Helen Thomas ‘Shoots Self in Mouth,’ Speech Canceled
06/06/10 Chinese military reluctant to forge ties with US: Gates
06/06/10 Netanyahu Denies Accepting UN Probe
06/06/10 Iran offers escort for Gaza ships
06/06/10 Netanyahu: The Truth is Slowly Spreading Around the World
06/06/10 Jewish group: Dismiss Helen Thomas
06/05/10 Gulf widens between grouchy Merkel and gloating Sarkozy
06/05/10 US consumer can no longer absorb global exports: Geithner tells G-20
06/04/10 Leviathan gas find spurts optimism
06/04/10 Obama's stature among Muslims slips over Israeli-Palestinian standoff
06/04/10 Rabbis: Flotilla Clash Similar to Gog and Magog Prophecy
06/03/10 Turkey to minimize ties to Israel
06/03/10 Ahmadinejad blasts Israel, opposition
06/03/10 UN Alliance of Civilizations eyes corporate sector to ease cultural tensions
06/03/10 Helsinki Principles: Israel Was in the Right
06/03/10 Top US Democrats: 'Israel Has Right to Defend Itself'
06/03/10 Biden: Israel right to search ships
06/02/10 Iran, Hamas seek global anti-Israel bloc
06/02/10 Obama told Netanyahu: Go Home, Don't Explain From Here
06/02/10 Ashton eyes reshuffle of EU 'special representatives'
06/02/10 Israel's Unemployment Rate Drops - Again
06/01/10 Russia Cannot Afford Professional Army In Near Future
06/01/10 Mossad: Israel becoming burden on US
06/01/10 Ahmadinejad Demands U.N. 'Cut Off' Israel's Hands
06/01/10 Pressure Grows on Israel Following Flotilla Raid
06/01/10 Radical Islam Behind the Flotilla Organizers
06/01/10 China slams Israel but quiet on Koreas

  May 2010

05/31/10 Israel: Commandos Acted in Self-Defense
05/31/10 EU calls for 'full investigation' into Israeli attacks on aid convoy
05/29/10 Obama: Singling out Israel wrong
05/29/10 U.S. agrees to pressure Israel over atomic program
05/29/10 'Israel is obstacle to peace'
05/28/10 Obama gets OK on boosting Israel against rockets
05/28/10 G20 to endorse EU crisis strategy
05/28/10 Alliance of Civilizations: Intercultural peace forum or talking shop?
05/28/10 Brussels suggests raising retirement age for EU citizens
05/26/10 Why Rahm Emanuel is a lightning rod in Israel
05/26/10 Van Rompuy wants clearer 'hierarchy' to deal with future crises
05/26/10 Obama to invite Netanhayu to White House
05/26/10 Israel bombs Gaza in night raid
05/26/10 All eyes on Israel as UN considers Middle East nuclear ban
05/26/10 Clinton praises China on Iran issue
05/25/10 N. Korea severs all ties with South
05/25/10 Gaza terrorists detonate donkey at border
05/25/10 EU Van Rompuy: Next Steps Will Determine The Fate Of EMU
05/25/10 'Sanctions signal evil intentions'
05/25/10 New Yorkers Plan to Fight Mosque Near Ground Zero
05/25/10 Hitler Fashion Billboards Outrage Italians
05/24/10 Obama, Lebanese PM discuss tensions in Middle East
05/24/10 IMF urges further Spanish reforms
05/24/10 Who killed the Euro?
05/24/10 Congress OKs $205 million for Israel
05/24/10 Assad: US has lost Mideast peace influence
05/23/10 Iran's Ahmadinejad criticises Russian support for sanctions
05/23/10 Geithner to Talk Euro Crisis with Germany
05/22/10 Al-Awlaki advocates killing Americans in new video
05/22/10 Moscow cautions US and EU against unilateral Iran sanctions
05/21/10 Obama signs US up for anti-Israel UN movement
05/21/10 Israel ranked 17th-most competitive economy
05/21/10 Turkish PM urges Obama not to reject Iran deal
05/21/10 China supports end to EU debt crisis
05/21/10 David Cameron ready to veto German EU treaty plan
05/21/10 What Do They Mean by "East Jerusalem"?
05/20/10 UK coalition to push for ME peace
05/20/10 Euro fall may threaten EU says Angela Merkel
05/20/10 US Joins Pro-Muslim 'Alliance of Civilizations'
05/20/10 Google reconsiders introducing facial recognition technology
05/19/10 U.S. unlikely to push China hard on currency issue
05/19/10 German Ban on Risky Investments Rattles Financial Markets
05/18/10 EU urges higher water prices as supplies dry up
05/18/10 Iran hopeful world powers will accept nuclear deal
05/18/10 2,000 years of water in Jerusalem
05/18/10 Anti-Semites Attack Jewish Graves in Greece and US
05/18/10 Israel quietly mulls Iran nuclear deal, sanctions
05/17/10 Obama Signs Law Supporting Global Press Freedom
05/17/10 Is Netanyahu alienating Israel’s friends in Europe?
05/17/10 The Region: Russian traps – and moves
05/17/10 Italy eyes €27.6 billion cuts to avoid debt crisis
05/17/10 Bible cited as Israel's claim on Jerusalem
05/16/10 Israel Criticizes Russia for Supplying Warplanes to Syria
05/15/10 Arabs want Mideast peace progress by September
05/15/10 Shared Jerusalem can bring peace
05/15/10 Carving Up Jerusalem
05/14/10 Letting go of Jerusalem
05/14/10 Jerusalem named top travel destination
05/14/10 France's Sarkozy had threatened to pull his nation out of the euro zone
05/13/10 US joins Alliance of Civilizations
05/13/10 Israel rejects call to talk with Hamas
05/13/10 Israelis: No halt to east Jerusalem construction
05/13/10 Russia warns U.S. against unilateral Iran sanctions
05/12/10 Parliament of World Religions Planning 2014 Parliament
05/12/10 Netanyahu: We will never divide Jerusalem
05/12/10 Spain Follows Greece in Adopting Austerity Measures
05/12/10 Russia, Turkey see role for Hamas in Mideast peace process
05/12/10 Israel Marks Jerusalem Day, Defends Claim to City
05/12/10 Obama: Move to direct talks ASAP
05/11/10 Iran seeks nuclear talks with EU foreign policy chief
05/11/10 'Palestine existed in Syria, Turkey'
05/10/10 Jewish woman for US Supreme Court
05/10/10 EU’s Rompuy Calls for ‘Political Courage’ From Member States
05/09/10 US Mediates Middle East Peace Talks
05/05/10 Angela Merkel: EU future at stake in Greek crisis
05/04/10 UN in a new global disarmament drive
05/04/10 New initiative: European Jews want pressure on Israel
05/04/10 Ahmadinejad meets UN chief Ban Ki-moon
05/04/10 Obama reveals size of US nuclear weapons arsenal. Will Russia respond?
05/04/10 Israel, Palestinians Set to Resume Indirect Talks
05/04/10 Bolton: Obama pressuring Israel on nukes
05/03/10 Obama, Netanyahu Discuss Mideast Peace Talks
05/02/10 New York City Police Discover Car Bomb in Times Square

  April 2010

04/30/10 J'lem fears PA may ask UN to recognize state on 1967 lines
04/30/10 'US may stop using UN veto on resolutions targeting Israel'
04/30/10 Israel's choice: Make peace or disappear
04/30/10 'U.S. told Palestinians it would consider allowing UN censure of Israel'
04/29/10 Ron Paul: Obama’s not Socialist, he’s Corporatist
04/29/10 A 51st state? Congress takes up Puerto Rico statehood
04/29/10 US defense of global religious freedom wanes under Obama, panel says
04/29/10 Baroness Ashton expected to quit EU job within months
04/29/10 Spain downgraded as eurozone turmoil spreads
04/28/10 Ban issues call for religious leaders to foster dialogue between cultures
04/27/10 India Wiretaps Muslim Leadership, but 'It's Israel's Fault'
04/27/10 UN veto power 'satanic tool'
04/27/10 EU to set up anti-cybercrime body
04/26/10 The Managers of America’s Decline
04/26/10 Sara Netanyahu: Bible appeals to secular youth too
04/26/10 Obama renews push for peace in Middle East
04/24/10 Abbas to Obama: Impose Mideast peace solution
04/24/10 Netanyahu amenable to Palestinian state within temporary borders
04/23/10 European Jews Fight for Israel
04/23/10 Israel boycott again on agenda in UK
04/22/10 Franklin Graham Regrets Army's Decision to Rescind Invite to Pentagon Prayer Service
04/22/10 What the U.S. jobless claims report doesn't show
04/22/10 Obama offered Netanyahu a gentlemen's agreement on Jerusalem
04/22/10 Obama says ties with Israel unshakable
04/22/10 Arabs Declare in Jerusalem: We Won't Give Up Right of Return!
04/21/10 Iran to hold large-scale war games
04/21/10 Massive Anti-Obama Rally Set for Sunday in New York
04/21/10 Iran could put US within missile range by 2015: US official
04/21/10 ‘False Religion’ Is How Long-Time U.S. Aide Now Describes Mideast Peace Process
04/21/10 Rising Muslim Hopes from Obama’s Outreach May Backfire
04/20/10 Why Does Soros Bite Hand That Feeds Him?
04/20/10 Israel Exports Up 11,250 Times Since First Independence Day
04/20/10 Google Tool Reveals Government Hunger For Data
04/20/10 Heads of State Wish Israel Happy Birthday
04/20/10 Report: Google Hackers Stole Source Code of Global Password System
04/20/10 "Imposed" Mideast solution would stoke violence: Israel FM
04/20/10 Netanyahu says East Jerusalem demands 'prevent peace'
04/20/10 China protests against EU investigation into paper subsidies
04/19/10 Soros sees "death circle" if Greek loan rates high
04/19/20 George Soros's New Economy
04/18/10 Israel imposes ban on Sea of Galilee fishing
04/18/10 Netanyahu: Israel Must Rely Only on Itself
04/18/10 NY Times Calls Neighborhood in Jerusalem 'West Bank Settlement'
04/18/10 Israel GDP Grew 4.8% in Fourth Quarter on Exports
04/18/10 Israel at 62: Population of 7,587,000
04/18/10 Obama Faces Iran ‘Wake-up Call’ from Defense Secretary Gates
04/18/10 Gaddafi: Obama from Arab Descent, a 'Blessing' to Muslim World
04/17/10 AIFL slams humiliation of Israel
04/17/10 Report: Obama to push Israel to renew peace talks
04/17/10 Ahmadinejad wants US out of IAEA
04/17/10 China Quake Death Toll Passes 1,100
04/16/10 Clinton presses Israel do more to start peace talks
04/16/10 BRICs take baby steps toward greater global clout
04/16/10 Future of American jobs won't look like past
04/16/10 George Soros Is Right, the Euro May Be Doomed
04/15/10 Call to World Jewry in Face of Nuclear Threat
04/15/10 As Asia rolls on, a new world order emerges
04/15/10 Netanyahu inspired by son, reading more Bible
04/15/10 Obama on Afghanistan: We can't be there in perpetuity
04/15/10 Soros Sees the Risk of Double Dip Recession for Global Economy
04/14/10 World Bank to Retire 'Third World' Label
04/14/10 Israel warns of terror threat in Egypt
04/14/10 Petraeus: Israel vital strategic ally
04/14/10 Obama ‘Can’t Force’ Peace; Poll Results Back Netanyahu
04/14/10 Nuclear insecurity: President Obama's summit didn't deal with threat from Iran
04/13/10 US Senators press Clinton on Mideast peace
04/13/10 Soros Says U.S. Bank ‘Oligopoly’ Should Be Broken Up (Update1)
04/13/10 Obama officials downplay Netanyahu no-show
04/13/10 Global Insights: Netanyahu, the NPT and Obama's Nuclear Security Summit
04/13/10 AJC poll shows Obama facing more doubt on domestic issues
04/13/10 'Iran to go nuclear within month'
04/13/10 'Jewish Ties to Temple Mount Will Bring Peace'
04/12/10 'Openly Anti-Semitic' Party Gains Power in Hungary
04/12/10 Israel remembers 6 million Jews
04/12/10 Obama: Anti-Semitism must never be tolerated
04/12/10 'Criticism against Church a Zionist attack'
04/11/10 Iran to complain to UN over Obama nuclear 'threat'
04/11/10 Obama Meets with India and Pakistan Ahead of Nuclear Summit
04/11/10 Totally Useless Mideast Peace Process
04/11/10 Richard Dawkins planning to have Pope Benedict arrested over 'crimes against humanity'
04/10/10 The financial new world order must be watertight
04/10/10 Procedure battles dominate future of UN climate talks
04/09/10 East Jerusalem is key to peace, Clinton says
04/09/10 Why Israel's Netanyahu will skip Obama's nuclear security summit
04/09/10 Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Obama's US Nuclear Conference
04/08/10 New Focus: Obama to remove "Islamic Radicalism" from Documents
04/08/10 Western European Union dissolved
04/08/10 George Soros On 'Education: A Way Forward'
04/08/10 China and India set up hotline linking top leaders
04/08/10 Erdogan: “Israel Is The Real Threat To Middle East Peace”
04/07/10 Groundbreaking European alliance disbanded
04/07/10 Jordan Wants a Piece of Jerusalem, Too
04/07/10 Obama bans Islam, jihad from US security strategy
04/07/10 Canadian researchers uncover China-based online spy network
04/07/10 ‘Obama will Shy Away from Nuclear Crisis with Israel’
04/06/10 Israeli FM Warns Palestinians Not to Declare Statehood
04/06/10 Iran says oil sanctions threat "a joke"
04/06/10 Iran vows to strike Israel immediately if attacked
04/06/10 Obama to limit U.S. use of nuclear arms, but not on Iran
04/06/10 Turkey Opposes Sanctions Against Iran
04/06/10 King Abdullah: Jordan Was Better Off without Peace with Israel
04/05/10 'Turkey aligning with Muslim world at Israel's expense'
04/05/10 Reaction Mixed to President Obama's Energy Plan
04/05/10 Hamas Suffering Financial Crisis
04/05/10 The United States of Jerusalem?
04/05/10 Exclusive: Palestinian Prime Minister Says Jerusalem will be Palestinian Capital Next Year
04/04/10 Arab Christians from Jordan risk all for Easter Sunday pilgrimage to Israel
04/04/10 Obama, Medvedev To Sign New Arms Pact
04/04/10 Ex-NY Mayor Koch: Obama Anti-Israel ‘In Order to Please Muslims’
04/04/10 Sarkozy told: Fresh Israel-Syria talks unlikely
04/04/10 Israel, Gaza trade rocket attacks
04/04/10 EU slams Iran’s jamming of satellite signals as ‘unacceptable’
04/04/10 Christian pilgrims mark Easter in Jerusalem
04/03/10 Iran intends to build more uranium enrichment plants
04/03/10 Karzai Calls Clinton to Clarify Critical Remarks
04/02/10 Palestinian PM to Haaretz: We will have a state next year
04/02/10 What’s Really Driving Obama’s Sudden Interest in Oil
04/02/10 Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Targets
04/01/10 Obama Administration Backs Arab Rallies in Jerusalem
04/01/10 Russia Asks Hamas to Stop Rockets
04/01/10 Obama opens US coastlines for oil drilling
04/01/10 China to attend U.S. nuclear summit, still wary of new Iran sanctions
04/01/10 “Science and Technology in the Holy Temple Service"
04/01/10 Woe will be a divided Jerusalem
04/01/10 Obama wants Israel to halt building in east Jerusalem for four months

  March 2010

03/31/10 Germany's Confused Path of EU Leadership
03/31/10 Nicolas Sarkozy joins Barack Obama in condemning Israel’s settlement policy
03/31/10 Congress Pressures Obama to Retreat on Jerusalem
03/31/10 The IMF, Greece and the End of Euro-Chauvinism
03/31/10 Candidly Speaking: Confronting Obama’s Messiah complex
03/31/10 When AIPAC said 'no' to Israel
03/30/10 Why is the Midwest a hotbed of militia activity?
03/30/10 Obama vs. Israeli regime
03/30/10 Obama gets back on the world stage
03/30/10 US officials say they are not pushing east J'lem resolution
03/30/10 Dead babies wash up on Chinese beach
03/30/10 IAF Jets Scrambled as Foreign Fighters Approached Israel
03/30/10 'Christian warrior' militia group Hutaree accused in plot to kill police
03/30/10 'Obama must do more to mend ties'
03/30/10 China welcomes smoother U.S. ties, nudges Iran
03/30/10 G20 must deliver on agreed reforms: leaders
03/30/10 Clinton: China on board with Iran sanctions
03/29/10 FBI make Christian militia arrests
03/29/10 Obama shifts from a populist to a personal approach
03/29/10 The Battle Over Jerusalem -- Obama and Netanyahu
03/29/10 Israel's Netanyahu condemns Moscow bombings
03/29/10 Tight security in Israel ahead of Passover festival
03/28/10 Sarkozy US Visit To Include UN And White House
03/28/10 Ashton and the EU try to find their place in Mideast peace
03/28/10 US 'may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem'
03/28/10 Israel finds Australian support
03/28/10 US, Israel say Relations Good
03/27/10 NATO: Europe must upgrade defenses
03/27/10 EU-US summits to take place 'only when necessary'
03/27/10 EU: global push for financial reform is flagging
03/26/10 US, Russia to Sign New Arms Pact April 8
03/26/10 EU agrees on plan to boost jobs and growth
03/26/10 During Obama-Netanyahu White House meeting, U.S. and Israel were sealing different deal
03/26/10 A new world order?
03/26/10 No Change on Jerusalem Policy Despite US Pressure
03/26/10 Netanyahu's Office: No Change on East Jerusalem Plans
03/25/10 Ashton secures deal on new diplomatic service
03/25/10 Netanyahu Says Progress Made with US in Reviving Peace Process
03/25/20 PA Forced to Backtrack on Closing Christian TV
03/24/10 Obama Dresses Down Netanyahu: No Photo Ops or Statements
03/24/10 Two meetings, but no agreement between Obama and Netanyahu
03/24/10 EU more vocal in its criticism of Israel
03/24/10 Saudi Arabia: World must intervene with 'arrogant' Israel
03/24/10 Euro plunges on doubts over Greece aid
03/24/10 Ashton makes concessions to parliament on diplomatic service
03/23/10 New East Jerusalem homes approved hours before Netanyahu-Obama meet
03/23/10 Site of Ancient Jewish Temple is Epicenter of Conflict
03/23/10 China trade blamed for 2.4 mln lost US jobs-report
03/23/10 Hillary Clinton to AIPAC: New Israeli settlements complicate US goals on Iran
03/23/10 EU’s Van Rompuy Said to Seek Pre-Summit Greece Accord (Update2)
03/23/10 European Union wracked by divisions over Greek crisis
03/23/10 Clinton, Netanyahu Offer Differing Views of Settlements Dispute
03/23/10 Netanyahu: Jerusalem is not a Settlement; It’s Our Capital’
03/22/10 Netanyahu lands in Washington, will meet Clinton
03/22/10 Stunning views of star birth in a distant galaxy
03/22/10 EU official to Israel: Jerusalem is not Tel Aviv
03/22/10 Rally to Demand Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
03/20/10 Divisions between the US and Europe widen over Greek bailout
03/20/10 Obama, Netanyahu to meet in U.S. on Tuesday
03/20/10 Mulling Over A New Global Currency
03/20/10 UN chief Ban Ki-Moon starts Mid-East peace push
03/19/10 Lieberman on Quartet call: You can't make artificial peace
03/19/10 Sarkozy Opposes IMF Loan to Greece, French Official Says
03/19/10 Clinton Leads Push for Mideast Peace Deal in 2 Years (Update1)
03/19/10 Biden: Israel announcement designed to undermine peace process
03/19/10 Van Rompuy and Barroso to both represent EU at G20
03/18/10 Euro Accelerating to Downside; Greece PM says They’ll Go to IMF
03/18/10 In Gaza, EU's top diplomat condemns deadly rocket attack
03/18/10 Gaza Rocket Attack Into Israel Kills a Thai Worker
03/18/10 Report: Israel to offer 'don't ask don't tell' on East Jerusalem builds
03/18/10 Temple Institute wants to Offer Biblical Passover Sacrifice
03/18/10 Preachers who don't believe: The scandal of apostate pastors
03/18/10 Europeans debate exiting euro
03/18/10 Arab world says hopes in Obama are dwindling
03/18/10 On PA television for kids, Israel is only a fairy tale
03/17/10 Tense quiet in Jerusalem
03/17/10 Brazil president: I dream of a free Palestine in the Mideast
03/17/10 America’s shiny new Palestinian militia
03/17/10 The Greek debt crisis signals a new stage in class conflict
03/17/10 Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad best of enemies?
03/17/10 Jerusalem’s ‘day of rage’
03/16/10 What a Google China exit would mean
03/16/10 Congress stresses support for Israel
03/16/10 Clinton Awaits Netanyahu Call, Downplays Talk of Crisis in Relationship
03/16/10 Netanyahu to Clinton: Israel has proven its commitment to peace
03/16/10 Mitchell Delays Return Trip, US ‘Waiting’ for Netanyahu
03/16/10 Jill Biden's Tour in Israel Focused on Muslims, Ignored Jews
03/16/10 Soros's Deal
03/15/10 EU's Ashton chides Israel over Jerusalem settler plan
03/15/10 Netanyahu: Israel will keep building in Jerusalem
03/15/10 U.S.-Israel crisis: This time, it’s serious
03/15/10 The rise and rise of atheism
03/15/10 Wall Street Journal: Why is Obama against Israel?
03/15/10 International Condemnation of Israel - So What's New?
03/14/10 US Mideast Role Under Scrutiny in Congress
03/14/10 Without homeland, Blair says no hope for Palestinians, peace
03/14/10 Privacy is Not Dead, Just Evolving
03/14/10 Top Obama aide: East Jerusalem construction plan is an 'insult'
03/14/10 American Condemnations of Obama-Biden Criticism of Israel
03/14/10 Netanyahu: Let’s Not Get Carried Away’ with US Crisis
03/14/10 White House Ups Ante With New Criticism of Israel
03/13/10 Netanyahu's position is "perilous": U.S. official
03/13/10 EU's Ashton urges Israel to resume peace talks
03/13/10 Report: U.S. vows to halt Israeli building in East Jerusalem
03/13/10 Clinton call to Netanyahu: Israel settlement move a 'deeply negative signal'
03/13/10 U.S., Europe at odds over global financial reform
03/12/10 Mass Graves of Nazi Victims Found
03/12/10 U.S. Jews to Biden: Leave Jerusalem Alone
03/12/10 Ban Ki-Moon Condemns Israeli Plans To Expand Settlements
03/12/10 Atheists meet in Melbourne to celebrate lack of faith
03/11/10 Biden: Status quo in Israel unsustainable
03/11/10 Biden: 'No Delay' In Restarting Mideast Peace Talks
03/11/10 Netanyahu Expresses 'Regret' About Timing of Housing Plan
03/10/10 Ashton sets out vision for EU foreign policy
03/10/10 Bibi's snub to Biden may backfire
03/10/10 Obama Plans to Impose a Solution on Israel.
03/09/10 A biometric ID card for all American workers?
03/09/10 Palestinians: East Jerusalem construction plan ends Mideast peace talks
03/09/10 1,600 new east Jerusalem homes okayed
03/09/10 Netanyahu to Christian Zionists: ‘We must all pray for the peace of Jerusalem’
03/09/10 UN’s Weak Response to Muslim Slaughter of Christians
03/09/10 Peres calls for 'total' world isolation of Ahmadinejad
03/09/10 Ban, Ashton going to Gaza from Israel
03/08/10 Bethlehem and Hebron: Jewish ties vs. Arab pride
03/08/10 6.0 earthquake hits eastern Turkey, kills 57
03/08/10 Israel 'risking peace talks' with West Bank building
03/08/10 Biden heads to Mideast to press peace efforts
03/08/10 Ashton throws down the gauntlet over Gaza trip
03/07/10 Barak to Netanyahu: Don't miss this chance for peace
03/07/10 Republican nominees have anti-Israel claims
03/07/10 Secret Israeli report: U.S. cozying up to Palestinians
03/07/10 Obama’s first year from Jerusalem’s perspective
03/07/10 Iran launches missile production line
03/07/10 China highly values relationship with EU: FM
03/06/10 China’s Bank Chief Says Currency Is Unlikely to Rise
03/06/10 Ahmadinejad: 9/11 attacks a 'big fabrication'
03/06/10 UN's Ban Ki goes to Hollywood
03/06/10 Iran vents frustrations with Moscow, expelling Russian pilots
03/06/10 China says it will move cautiously on currency
03/06/10 EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, to visit Gaza in March
03/05/10 UN official to Haaretz: Israel 'nourishing despair' in Gaza
03/05/10 Joe Biden’s job: Reassure Israelis on President Obama
03/05/10 Palestinians, Israelis Clash Ahead Of Talks
03/05/10 AFL-CIO pledges all-out backing for Democrats in 2010 elections
03/05/10 Russia May Scrap Ruble for New Customs Union Currency
03/04/10 World leaders, top academics selected for Ban’s climate change advisory group
03/04/10 Israel Expects Peace Talks with Palestinians to Begin Next Week
03/04/10 The ICC: International Justice or Global Government?
03/04/10 Support for Palestinians grows in UN
03/04/10 Netanyahu Sees Progress Toward Peace Ahead of Biden’s Visit
03/03/10 Soros: US Needs Financial Regulator; Giving Fed Power 'Conflict Of Interest'
03/03/10 Atheists reach out to nonbelievers with ad campaign on SMART buses
03/03/10 Who's poor in America? US tweaks how it defines poverty.
03/03/10 Obama's #1 Advisor, SEIU and World Socialism
03/03/10 Hamas founder's son 'spied for Israel'
03/03/10 Newly unveiled East Jerusalem plan put on hold
03/03/10 Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy?
03/03/10 Dubai Seeks Netanyahu’s Arrest
03/02/10 Iraqi Christians attacked ahead of Iraq election
03/02/10 Who’s creating US jobs? Mexicans.
03/02/10 Soros Warns That The EU's Financial Crisis Is Far From Over
03/02/10 Global Internet Freedom via Government Regulation?
03/02/10 Atheists Are at It Again! Trading Porn for Bibles
03/01/10 Will Israel heritage sites spark next Palestinian intifada?
03/01/10 George Soros Declares a 'Bankruptcy' of Free-Market Capitalism
03/01/10 Crashing Towards a New World Social Order 2012
03/01/10 Livni Tells Kerry: Conflict is Becoming Religious
03/01/10 Gore Feels the Heat, Comes In From the Cold

  February 2010

02/28/10 Soros betting on Euro collapse
02/28/10 Israel and ‘One-State Solution’ Dominate US Congressional Race
02/28/10 Soros Criticizes Obama's Bailouts
02/28/10 Ahmadinejad: 'Zionist regime' is an insult to humanity
02/28/10 Euro ‘May Not Survive’ Greece’s Deficit Crisis, Soros Says
02/28/10 Anti-Semitism being taught in Spain schools
02/28/10 Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, supreme leader says
02/28/10 Ahmadinejad Maneuvering Hizbullah and Israel into War?
02/28/10 International reserve rate suggested by IMF
02/28/10 EU High Representative Ashton, the fall guy of Europe
02/28/10 Violence flares at Jerusalem holy site
02/28/10 Prudential plans new world order
02/28/10 Greek deal puts Goldman Sachs in the firing line – again
02/27/10 Iran moves uranium above ground, akin to painting bull's-eye on stockpile
02/26/10 Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency
02/26/10 Congressmen back Jerusalem before UN debate
02/26/10 Man who broke the Bank of England George Soros 'at centre of hedge funds betting against crisis-hit euro'
02/26/10 Israel enjoys near record support in US, Gallup finds
02/26/10 War in the EU as Herman Van Rompuy makes 'power grab'
02/26/10 Welcome to the New World Order
02/26/10 Palestinians threaten to adopt one-state solution
02/26/10 Pound could collapse "within weeks" warns ex-Soros partner
02/25/10 Ahmadinejad craves Zionist-free Mid-East
02/25/10 US slams Israel over designating heritage sites
02/25/10 Institutions of the European Union: Who controls foreign affairs?
02/25/10 Ahmadinejad: New Middle East won't include Zionists
02/25/10 Israel heading for disappearance: Ahmadinejad
02/25/10 Report: U.S. should 'marginalize religious extremists, not religion'
02/24/10 Ban tells Israel of concern over East Jerusalem, Gaza
02/24/10 Improved governance key to green goals, Ban tells UN environment forum
02/24/10 Russia Foreign Min. official: Moscow won't support 'crippling' Iran sanctions over nuclear work
02/24/10 Van Rompuy insulted in parliament
02/24/10 Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman, Charlie Munger, writes a parable about the U.S. entitled “Basically, it’s over.”
02/23/10 EU climate chief: ‘No climate deal likely before 2012'
02/23/10 'Solomon's walls' stir Palestinian fury
02/23/10 In quest for jobs, more Americans join ranks of day laborers
02/23/10 Population worries World Bank
02/23/10 Livni on Dubai hit: A dead terrorist is good news
02/23/10 China: Troublemaker on the World Stage?
02/23/10 Ahmadinejad vows to cut off hands of Iran attackers
02/23/10 Palestinians see EU as Middle East's 'honest broker'
02/23/10 Abbas warns Israel heritage sites may spark religious war
02/22/10 Second thoughts about Britain’s ID cards and privacy
02/22/10 Buffett's Partner: 'It's Over' for U.S. Economy
02/22/10 French reconsider recognizing Palestine
02/22/10 UN: Israel 'heritage sites' are on Palestinian land
02/22/10 Archaeologist Sees Proof For Bible In Ancient Wall
02/21/10 Iran’s Home-Built Guided-Missile Destroyer Starts Gulf Patrol
02/21/10 Israel Says No Recognition of Palestinian State Before Peace Deal
02/20/10 French PM: World to take action if Iran refuses nuclear talks
02/20/10 Obama appoints panel to slash social programs
02/20/10 Blair hopes Middle East talks to resume within weeks
02/20/10 Social justice more important than ever in global economic crisis, Ban says
02/19/10 Canada Plans to Officially Oppose Global Bank Tax, National Post Says
02/19/10 Russia "very alarmed" at Iranian nuclear stance
02/18/10 Rompuy using Greece crisis to grab EU power
02/18/10 Netanyahu: ‘Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for 3,000 years’
02/18/10 China diminishes US Treasury holdings
02/18/10 UN climate change chief to resign
02/18/10 'New UN Iran sanctions in March'
02/18/10 Van Rompuy seeks new working methods
02/18/10 A dangerous proposal for peace
02/18/10 Netanyahu says world inching closer to Israel's position on Iran
02/17/10 Europe - the missing key to Middle East peace
02/17/10 Millions losing money on savings
02/17/10 Hologram advances seen to combat terrorism
02/17/10 Germany to intensify efforts to realize Mideast peace, official
02/17/10 Economist Calls For The IMF To Come In And Save The UK
02/17/10 Barack Obama to meet Dalai Lama at White House in private
02/17/10 Netanyahu aide dismisses "tooth fairy" peace views
02/16/10 Iran 'escalating' nuclear standoff, powers warn UN
02/16/10 US vs. China: a dangerous phase has begun
02/16/10 A New World Body On Climate Change?
02/16/10 Iran says the world "will regret" sanctions
02/16/10 The Grasp of Socialist International
02/16/10 Israel mulling a spring or summer war: Ahmadinejad
02/16/10 Clinton warns of Mideast nuclear race
02/16/10 Tony Blair wants one world under malaria
02/15/10 Saudi Arabia: Efforts to rid Mideast of nukes must apply to Israel
02/15/10 EU Should Go After Goldman, Since US Won't
02/15/10 Medvedev to Netanyahu: Russia holding off on Iran missile sale
02/15/10 Quartet intensifies commitment to Palestinian statehood
02/15/10 Sheikh Tamimi: Israel working to build Third Temple
02/15/10 Top US general warns of 'unintended consequences' of Iran strike
02/15/10 1,400-Year-Old Winepress Uncovered, One of Israel's Largest
02/15/10 Clinton says U.S. fears Iran is becoming a military dictatorship
02/15/10 'Livni may cause own arrest to shame U.K. into changing law'
02/15/10 Why Doesn’t Judaism Accept the Christian Messiah?
02/14/10 Controlling the Ability of People and Organizations to Access the Internet
02/14/10 A brand new Eurozone arises
02/14/10 Clinton: U.S. can't force Israel, Palestinians into peace talks
02/14/10 China v world as a trade war comes closer
02/14/10 Greek PM slams European Union amid crisis
02/14/10 Spanish Presidency Of EU: High Hopes, Low Expectations
02/14/10 Alliance of Civilizations contributes to casting light on intercultural dialogue, Azoulay
02/14/10 Netanyahu: I'll press Moscow for crippling Iran sanctions
02/14/10 Old lady Europe shies away from Obama and Asia
02/14/10 How Greece exposed the slippery slopes of Europe
02/13/10 Ex-IDF chief: Israel can't handle nuclear Iran alone
02/13/10 Obama names Rashad Hussain as envoy to the Muslim world
02/13/10 US-China trade tensions escalate
02/13/10 Blair bids to intensify Mideast Peace efforts
02/13/10 UN chief: Israel, Palestinians must resume peace talks
02/13/10 EU: Consensus on the need to establish a coordination and control system for the economy
02/12/10 EU rejects deal with US on sharing bank data
02/12/10 Snowmageddon and a New Global Warming Office
02/12/10 Iran: We are now among world's top 15 nuclear states
02/12/10 Hamas: Next war with Israel will be regional conflict
02/12/10 Quartet envoy Blair to work with Mitchell to renew Mideast talks
02/12/10 China Urges Obama to Cancel Planned Dalai Lama Meeting
02/12/10 EU leaders fail to calm fears of Greek sovereign default
02/12/10 Ban urges prompt resumption of Middle East peace talks
02/12/10 Feds push for tracking cell phones
02/11/10 US: Growing role of G20 shows importance of India, China
02/11/10 U.K.: World is ready to hit Iran with new sanctions
02/11/10 White House forecast: no roaring economic recovery in 2010
02/11/10 Iran: Destroy Israel if it strikes
02/11/10 Global Bank Tax Gaining Steam
02/10/10 Va. Lawmakers Oppose Forced Microchip Implantation, and the Antichrist
02/10/10 Archaeologists unveil 1,500-year-old street beneath Old City
02/10/10 Aerial pictures, never seen before, of the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center
02/09/10 Fear the day when China rules the world
02/09/10 Egypt soccer boss: I'd rather starve than coach Israelis
02/09/10 Javier Solana joins Brookings Institution
02/09/10 Israel urges "crippling" sanctions now against Iran
02/09/10 Launch of the 2010 Global Model United Nations Conference
02/09/10 Chief Justices of global South call for world parliament
02/09/10 Government debt: a new stage in the global financial crisis
02/08/10 Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Khamenei
02/08/10 The Global Taxman
02/08/10 Iran FM: Israel is a crazy country run by crazy people
02/08/10 Palestinian FM: New Mideast talks must focus above all on borders
02/08/10 "Tobin Tax" and UN Global Taxman Making A Comeback
02/07/10 Israel is seeking a water-for-peace deal
02/07/10 Berlusconi wants Israel in EU, a stop to settlements - but Merkel wants peace
02/07/10 Spain gets in on the act too, tells Palestinians to get back to the peace table fast
02/06/10 Outsourcing our best jobs
02/06/10 Iran Announces Production of 2 New Missiles
02/06/10 Jordan’s King Says U.S. Credibility ‘Under Question’ on Peace
02/06/10 Israel 'satisfied' with Ban's report
02/06/10 Sovereign debt fears signal new stage of global crisis
02/05/10 Obama Skips E.U. Summit, Partly Because of Its Confusing Structure
02/05/10 US intelligence chief claims right to assassinate Americans overseas
02/05/10 Obama pushes ahead with Dalai Lama meeting
02/05/10 EU on the Brink?
02/05/10 Israel allowing PA to set up shop in east Jerusalem
02/05/10 Russia Sees No Problem in Arming Iran
02/05/10 U.S. Uses Iran to Globalize Its Defenses, Russia Says
02/04/10 The only thing that can protect Israel is peace, Syrian president says
02/04/10 Google cyber attacks a 'wake-up' call for US, intel chief says
02/03/10 Netanyahu "Ezekial 37 has come true"
02/03/10 Berlusconi vows Italy's firm support for Israel
02/03/10 Soros urges China to mend ties with US
02/03/10 'FT sees Israel as main cause of ME problems'
02/03/10 Cracks In America's Armor
02/03/10 For Obama on China, no more Mr. Nice Guy?
02/03/10 Berlusconi at Knesset: Goldstone tried to incriminate Israel
02/02/10 Joined Hands Must Replace Clenched Fists, Secretary-General Ban Tells Nuclear Disarmament Meeting
02/02/10 Berlusconi charms Israel with EU talk
02/02/10 20 reasons Global Debt Time Bomb explodes soon
02/02/10 Global ObamaCare & the “Good Club” Billionaires
02/02/10 Explosives wash up on Israel beaches
02/02/10 Rome comes to Jerusalem
02/02/10 Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?
02/02/10 Women battle to bring Dead Sea Scrolls back to life
02/02/10 Global leaders discover LUV for new world order
02/02/10 Jerusalem Summit Rome: Advancing United Judeo-Christian Strategy
02/02/10 Obama to Skip European Union Meeting in Madrid
02/02/10 Iran's countdown to February 11
02/01/10 Huge Deficits May Alter U.S. Politics and Global Power
02/01/10 Netanyahu to Berlusconi: Israel lucky to have you as a friend
02/01/10 Global Warming Makes the Case Against Global Government
02/01/10 The 'explosive admission' in Israel's Gaza report
02/01/10 Ahmadinejad threatens western nations in face of Feb 11 protests
02/01/10 Berlusconi says wants to see Israel in EU
02/01/10 Palestinians present deceptive new conditions for talks with Israel
02/01/10 Nine billion people by 2050?The world's population is growing at a startling rate.
02/01/10 The Currency Issue - Middle East Online
02/01/10 Norway expresses fears over East Jerusalem
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