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Gayle now has his own page at Vine Radio, where you can find all of his teachings available as streaming audio. Be sure and check it out. If you know folks with slow connections who cannot watch the videos, be sure and share the link with them.

At this time the GoodNews Dispatch is pleased to present Gayle Erwin. Gayle has dedicated his life to studying and teaching about the nature of Jesus. He travels the world over doing as the Bible says ... lifting up Jesus! You can also learn more about Gayle Erwin at his site ... servant.org.

Below you will find hours and hours of Gayle's teachings, with each show averaging between 45 minutes to an hour in length. There are four sections to choose from:

  1. The Nature of God, which includes teachings on "The Nature of Jesus", "The Nature of the Father", and "The Nature of the Holy Spirit".
  2. Teachings by Gayle Erwin, many of which complement The Nature of God series.
  3. The Gospels, 16 hours of teaching on the gospels.
  4. Israel Tour, which consists of 4 hours of Gayle teaching at various locations in Israel.

For any technical issues, please contact webmaster@goodnewsdispatch.org.

The Nature of Jesus Series


Teachings by Gayle Erwin


The Gospels


Israel Tour with Gayle Erwin


Audio Only Messages and MP3 Downloads

   Audio only messages of the teachings, as well as MP3 downloads, can be    found over at Gayle's site Servant Quarters. Just click on the link below and    you will be taken to the page containing all of Gayle's teachings.

Take me to Gayle's audio page!

So, if you know someone who has not been able to listen to the shows due to connection issues, please let them know the shows are available in audio format and as mp3 downloads, and hopefully all will be able to hear Gayle's teachings.

A special thanks goes to Gayle Erwin for allowing the shows to be hosted on GoodNews Dispatch! Without a doubt, we're very blessed to have such a teacher as Gayle in the U.S. However, to know that folks in other countries who are not so blessed with such teachings can hear the shows is very exciting! Folks living in countries from Canada to India to Japan to Tuvalu have visited the site.

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