Welcome to the newly updated Good News Dispatch website. This has been a long time coming, but we were finally able to get the site updated. We hope the website will provide a better user experience whether you are using a pc, table, or a mobile device.

As you browse the site, you might notice that a few pages are still under construction, and that we are adding additional sections and content. If you are wondering why we put this out before being completely finished ... well, it's because of our mobile users. And, you have to admit, the website needed a new coat of paint!

If you see anything that isn't working or you have questions about, please let us know so that we can make this the best site possible.

So, without any further ado, welcome to the new GND!

Taking a Tour

We want to take you on a brief tour of new sections and/or pages that have been added to GND. Here is a screen capture of the nav bar so you can see where the buttons are located for the sections noted below.

GND's Op-Ed Section

Here you will find our musings on subjects the media and talk radio are talking about. You can click here to read our first op-ed ... the flags and the constitution.

GND's Topics Section

Here you will find different topic of the Bible discussed. A new one that we have added that is very interesting is "A Timeframe for the Rapture". Another topic that was on the previous site, and very popular, was the "Odds of Christ Fulfilling Prophecy". We brought this to this site.

GND's Bible Verses section

A beloved favorite on the old site was the Bible Verses pages. We have brought these to the new site too. Over time, we hope to add addidtional pages. Here are the current Bible Verse pages we have:

GND's Video Channel

Yes, you can still watch the humorously, Bibically sound teachings of Gayle Erwin. And watch the Bible come to life with teachings by Zola Levitt, filmed in Israel! GND is thankful to both Gayle Erwin and Zola Levitt Ministries for allowing GND to host these videos.

And Finally ... Thank You!

To all of our visitors over the past seven years, thank you for coming by to visit! For the emails we have received, the good and the bad, thank you! At GND, we are thankful for all of our visitors.