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A "Life Changing Prayer"

Have you ever had someone to ask you to pray for them without wanting to telling you what to pray for? If you have, did you know what to pray or even how. It’s happened to me before and I will admit that I was somewhat lost in how and what to pray for the person.

One morning, when listening to Dr. Charles Stanley, he taught on a “Life Changing Prayer” based on Paul’s model of intercessory prayer found in Colossians 1: 7 – 14. After listening to Dr. Stanley, I went to his website and downloaded his Life Principles Notes, which he provides as a summary of his sermon.

Dr. Stanley’s teaching on Paul’s prayer taught me how to pray for people, knowing that I am praying in the will of God. If you find yourself in this same situation, or want to learn about intercessory prayer, you can view or save the PDF of Dr. Stanley’s teaching on a “Life Changing Prayer.”

The Lamb, and the Lion and Wolf

How many times have you heard it said “the lion will lay down with the lamb?” Probably quiet a few times. Did you know this isn’t scriptural?

In Isaiah, it is stated that the wolf will dwell and graze with the lamb ... Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 65:25. Nowhere in scripture does it state that the lion will lie down with the lamb. Check it out; you can't find it.

There may be many things in the Bible that are somewhat difficult to understand; however, we should get the facts correct on the easy things.

Preview of the World in the Year 2025

The following U.S. organization, the National Intelligence Council, has pulled together a report projecting global trends
as far out as 2025.

The report, Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World, projects trends around the world showing growing global conflicts as a result of scarcity of energy, food and water due to urbanization and population growth, and rogue states and terrorists groups with greater access to nuclear weapons. The report also projects trends of widening wealth-to-poverty ratios, birth rates, and climate change. It also goes into an overview of China, India, Russisa, and Brazil coming to the forefront in power, and the U.S. sharing leadership with China and India.

For those familiar with the Bible, these projections should come as no surprise. For example, the Lord Himself said the time would come when a days wages would only buy bread for the day ... Rev 6:6. It seems as if the Global Trends 2025 report is projecting what God said would happen one day in the future, only He said this 2000 years ago.

Although the report is 121 pages long, it is very interesting to read, especially if you have a solid understanding of the Bible and where we know we're headed. If you're interested in reading the report, you can click on the report cover above to view the PDF and save it to your computer, or you can go to the NIC website to download the report and check out their site.

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